What is StoryLogic™?

StoryLogic™ is a qualitative research methodology that makes your messaging platform more meaningful. It yields "thick descriptions" of the target consumer's ego structure, relationships, and personal narrative.

Finding Your Brand's Story

StoryLogic™ draws on a rich history of work in the humanities and social sciences on the factors that give stories power and meaning. A series of one-on-one interviews surfaces all the vital elements of the consumer story: the character of the target/protagonist, the call to action,┬áthe obstacles and traps that must be overcome, and the way to the desired goal.

What to Expect

Through an in-depth narrative analysis of all the consumer's motivators and inhibitors— rational and emotional, conscious and unconscious— StoryLogic™ reveals the deep psychological structures that make your customer tick. By leveraging these insights you can help your brand break through as a powerful, attuned force at critical junctures in the stories your customers tell about their lives.